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Art Deco Emerald Engagement Ring with Baguette Diamonds

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The art deco emerald engagement ring with baguette diamonds is elegant and majestic. A dazzling emerald sits in the center of this minimalistic design and is surrounded by four baguette cut diamonds. The gems are encased in a golden bezel which outlines the silhouette of the ring and gives this design its Art Deco flair. Just as Dorothy saw the Emerald City long before reaching its magical gates; the emerald in this ring will catch your attention with its vibrant hue.

18k gold | 1-1.3ct Emerald cut Emerald | 4 white baguette diamonds

Diamond parameters: very good-excellent cut, VS clarity, color E-G, conflict free.

Total diamond carat weight: 0.2ct

Band width: 2-4mm

(!) Please note - each emerald is OOAK and will vary in its proportions.
(i) Emeralds are natural gemstones that are known for their inclusions. Even for emeralds that are graded highly, some inclusions will always be present.

Available in YELLOW, WHITE or ROSE 18k gold.

(!) Information about Our White Gold:
We do not add rhodium plating to our gold items; the natural color of the white gold is retained. As a result, the color may have a yellowish or grayish hue. The effect is a more natural and unique look, which we find preferable. An additional reason for this preference is to avoid the need for re-plating your jewelry after a certain time period.

(!) Please Note: The emerald is part of a family of gemstones that is more sensitive and needs to be worn with care.  Because it is a softer gemstone, a hard bump or strike against a hard surface can cause the gemstone to crack and potentially fall out of the setting. For this reason we highly recommend purchasing insurance for your ring; this will cover physical loss, theft, or damage. Jewelry insurance allows you to put safeguards in place so that you can either replace your jewelry item or recover its monetary value.

As stated in our policies; our 1 year warranty covers any potential defects in craftsmanship, but it will not cover broken stones.