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Custom Order for Alaap


Emerald Cut Engagement ring -

0.8 carat Emerald cut diamond engagement ring, set with three round cut white diamonds on each side. 

- The ring's design is based on the "One carat baguette diamond engagement ring". The features and size of side stones will be modified according to the size and shape of the central stone. 

- The the prongs will be placed on the corners of the central diamond. 

- Width of band 1.8mm. 

- Additional wedding band (not included in price) will be determined once the 0.8 carat stones has been found and a mock up has been made. We will then send the mock up to Alaap to choose the wedding band.

- Central diamond parameters: VS clarity, Color E-G, Good-Excellent Cut, 
Conflict Free. If we find a larger diamond with lower parameters within the same budget we feel will suit the ring, we will offer Alaap so that he can decide between stones. 

- The ring comes with a laboratory diamond certificate and our certificate 
of authenticity. 

- Needed by 14-17th of June? 


(i) Ready to ship in 2-3 weeks.

Available in YELLOW, WHITE or ROSE gold.

(!) Information about Our White Gold:
We do not add rhodium plating to our gold items; the natural color of the white gold is retained. As a result, the color may have a yellowish or greyish hue. The effect is a more natural and unique look, which we find preferable. An additional reason for this preference is to avoid the need for re-plating your jewelry after a certain time period.

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