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Custom order for Stela

$2,181.00 $2,567.00

Emerald Art Deco Ring and Black diamond pave V ring set:

1) Emerald engagement ring in reverse rhombus shape - 

Materials: 18k solid gold, two triangle cut emeralds (0.28-0.35 carat in total),
four 1 mm round white diamonds.
Diamonds parameters: excellent cut, VS clarity, color E-G, conflict free.
Width of band: 1.5mm

2) Black diamond paved V ring - to fit Emerald engagement ring

Materials: 18k solid gold, nine 1 mm black diamonds. 
Width of band: 1.3mm

* Ring size = 5.5 US
* 18k YELLOW gold
* Needed by September 27th
* DHL shipping