Gold Signet Ring - Dog & Snake

$748.00 $880.00

Gold signet ring in 18k solid gold with engraved Egyptian dog and snake, and two .036 carat diamonds.

The ring is hand engraved. The image is inspired by an ancient Egyptian iconography and shows Egyptian jackal-god Wepwawet who is both a solar deity and a representative of kingship. The snake is the Uraeus, a cobra goddess who is often seen protecting solar gods and kings. 

Materials: 18k solid yellow gold, .036 carat conflict free diamonds
Image diameter: 10 mm / 0.39"
The band is 1.5 mm thick.

Available in YELLOW 18k gold only.

Ready to ship in 1-2 weeks.

(!) Information about Our White Gold:

We do not add rhodium plating to our gold items; the natural color of the white gold is retained. As a result, the color may have a yellowish or greyish hue. The effect is a more natural and unique look, which we find preferable. An additional reason for this preference is to avoid the need for re-plating your jewelry after a certain time period. 

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