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About Us

Tomer and Tanya Mikaeilyn Jewelry Designers

Hey there, we are Tomer and Tanya, a contemporary jewelry designers and proud owners of ARTËMER studio - where we design and produce our fine jewelry, since 2011. 


Artëmer is a fine-jewelry brand based in Tel-Aviv, with two designers behind it, a man and a woman
Both of us have a background in fine arts. As artists, we bring our multicultural backgrounds into play, creating a multilayered fusion of aesthetics and 
unique sensitivity to form and composition.
The Artëmer brand is known for its unique stone cuts, unexpected compositions and delicate execution.  

THE DESIGNERS // How Artëmer was born

Artëmer is the serendipitous result of several concurrences. The most important one was that the two of us fell in love. When we started our jewelry business, we were a fresh young couple craving to spend each and every day together. We both graduated from the Art and Design Academy. Tomer worked as jeweler following his education and I graduated as a video artist and worked in an high-tech start-up company. 

We lived in Tel Aviv and spent our early mornings at the beach, but then had to go our separate ways to do our jobs and ended up spending most of the day apart. When Tomer was fired from his job (eek), he began working on Tanya’s engagement ring instead of searching for another job as a jeweler. That ring turned out to be the very first piece in our line of engagement rings.

We like simple and clean lines in jewelry and insisted that our product should be of the highest quality possible. The minimalism of our designs was kind of a sensation: a courageous opposition to the mainstream product of the local brands. The balanced lines of our product reflected our emotional state of mind: we were happy! Our brand was the product of our love. We worked hard from morning until nightfall, but we were euphoric: it was just the two of us and we were living our dream. We felt like the wealthiest people on the planet, the masters of our time and destiny.

We believe that as a couple, we were able to create a product that speaks to our clients hearts, because they too are young people in love, and like us, they are interested in an alternative product that will gently and honestly express their engagement intentions.