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Here at ARTËMER we make all our jewelry by hand and to order. This means that it will take some time to handcraft your purchase.

It will take us approximately 2-3 weeks to make each piece.

1) The most accurate and reliable option in finding your correct ring size is to go to a professional jeweler or jewelry store and have them measure your finger. 

2) Another option is to order a plastic ring sizer from the internet. Ring sizers are reliable and offer an easy solution for anyone that can't go to a jeweler.

3) Measure the inside diameter of a ring you already have with a caliper. You are more than welcome to send us a photo with the caliper and the ring to make sure it's measured correctly. 

The rings featured on our website are in US sizes. You can use the Online International Ring Size Conversion Chart, or contact us and tell us the size you know, and we will gladly assist you in converting to the US sizing system.

We can customize existing designs! Please send us an email with the design you are interested in, the customization you would like, and your budget and our customer service team will get back to you.

There are some one-of-a-kind designs that we can recreate and others that we cannot. Please send us an email with the design we are interested in and our customer service team will get back to you.

We do work with Moissanite, however, we are typically only able to source Moissanite in larger size stones and standard cuts. Please email us with your request and we will get back to you with the available possibilities.

Unfortunately the triangle-cut, needle baguette-cut and rose-cut are not available in Moissanite.

Yes! Please send us an email and we will set one up for you.

We offer a payment plan of 2 to 5 installments. When the first payment is made, we start working on the ring and we ship the ring to you. The rest of the payments will be taken off automatically. The total price for the item won't change. We just split the original price.

To start a payment plan, we need to know:

1) the preferred amount & period of payments (weekly/monthly)
2) the preferred color of gold
3) the ring size
4) the shipping address + telephone number

We're sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the CC payment, but this is a very common issue with large transactions to a foreign country.

Here's what we recommend doing:

1) For Diners Club, Discover and American Express credit cards, please choose PayPal Gateway to pay with these cards.

2) For Visa and MasterCard, we recommend contacting your credit card company ahead of time and informing them that you intend to make the transaction, and then (on the same day) placing the order and making the payment.

3) We also accept payments via SWIFT bank transfer. You’re welcome to contact us for instructions.

Some of our diamonds and gemstones are gemologically certified, and others are not. 

We offer a diamond certificate free of charge for diamonds at or above 0.5 carats. The gemological certificate is issued by the GIA, DGC or IGL, depending on the diamond we find. 

If the diamond you want is 0.5 carats or less, we can issue a gemological certificate specifically for you, for an additional fee of 60 USD. This will add about a week to the production time of your order.   

If you are interested in a GIA certified stone only, we may be able to find it for you depending on the diamond cut and size you are interested in. If the stone selected does not have a GIA lab certificate, we can issue it for a fee of 150 USD. The certificate will take up to a month to issue.

We make it a policy to use only conflict-free diamonds in all of our rings. In fact, conflict diamonds are illegal in Israel and are not allowed to be imported. That's why we work only with reliable diamond suppliers that are members of the Israeli Diamond Exchange District.

Yes. The vast majority of the gold we use for our rings is recycled.

Karat refers to the percentage of pure gold: 14K means the concentration of gold is less than in 18K. That's why 18K, which has a higher percentage of pure gold, is basically more expensive than 14K gold. When making your decision, you should also take into account that pure gold is relatively soft, so in a 14K gold piece, the metal is considered slightly stronger.

We use natural white gold. This means that we do not apply rhodium plating, and the natural color of the white gold is retained. As a result, the color may have a yellowish or grayish hue. The result is a more natural and unique look, which we find preferable.

Here's an example of a design shown in 18K white gold: baguette engagement ring 

Our items are available only in solid gold.

Even though we love the idea of resetting an existing diamond/stone, unfortunately, we cannot work with international customer’s stones. Only licensed suppliers are allowed to import diamonds to Israel and we simply will not be able to import your diamond.

Unfortunately, we are unable to oblige. We only sell complete pieces accompanied by our certificate of authenticity.

No, that would be unethical. A design is a product of creativity. We don’t want to copy a design created by someone else, and wouldn’t want anyone to copy our designs either. 

That being said, if you have an idea for a ring that is similar to one of our designs, please don’t hesitate to ask about customization possibilities.