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After Purchase // Care, Repaire & Resizing

How to Care for Your Jewelry

1) Here's a rule of thumb to remember: Jewelry should be "first off and last on". 
Last on --means you put on your jewelry after you have completed all personal grooming, including clothing, make-up, nails, hair styling and perfume. That's because some of the chemicals in these substances could damage your jewelry. And you don't want the cloth of your shirt /blouse/dress to accidentally get caught on a prong. 
First off –means you should remove all jewelry before you begin to undress or remove any make-up, for the same reasons mentioned above.

2) Always remove all jewelry before you begin any strenuous activity. That includes any type of work-out –even yoga and dancing, and any type of lifting of heavy objects, whether you're helping a friend move boxes and furniture or you're lifting weights for fitness.

3) Remove all jewelry prior to going to bed, so that blankets don't get caught on the prongs and break them off. It also prevents you from accidentally damaging your rings by hitting your hands against the headboard.

4) Never let your jewelry come into contact with any harsh chemicals, such as chlorine or bleach. These chemicals could break down and wear away the original chemical composition of the metals. Even the chemicals in nail-polish remover, perfume and hairspray can be damaging to certain gems.

5) Store all jewelry away from sunlight, in a cool part of the room. Sunlight can be damaging to certain gem stones, just as it can be damaging to your skin. 

6) To preserve the clarity of your ring's center stone and prevent it from clouding up or losing its shiny quality, please make sure to remove your ring before:

  • Washing your hands with soap
  • Showering
  • Applying lotion

Soap and lotion can leave a residue, which builds up over time and causes the stone to lose its sparkle and become cloudy.

7) If the stone does get cloudy, here are a few steps you can take on your own:

  • Polish, using a lint-free, 100% cotton clothֿ
  • Brush gently, using a soft toothbrush, lukewarm water, and dish soap
  • Do not use a brush to clean a turquoise stone—use your fingertips insteadֿ
  • Before and after cleaning, check to see that the stone is still tightly set - especially if using a steam cleaner
  • Never use an ultrasonic cleaner on micro-pavé stones, pearls, emeralds, or turquoise

Following these precautions and wearing your jewelry with responsibility, will keep your jewelry safer and sturdier for longer, and hopefully require less jeweler intervention.

Repair Service

- Even with the best of care, jewelry pieces may require professional attention and occasional repairs. If your Artemer piece requires service - please contact us for shipping instructions.
- Along with the jewelry piece, include our Return Form.
- You will be contacted immediately when the package arrives. Then we will assess the damage and send follow up information regarding the estimated cost of repair, if relevant, and the time required to complete the repair job.


Ring Resizing

- If the ring size you stated in the original order was incorrect or has changed and you wish to have it resized - we can adjust your ring size.
- Our standard sizing fee is 30 USD. 
- For various complicated resizings (such as Eternity Rings, Dual Diamond "Horseshoe" Rings, etc.) the sizing fee is 80 USD.
- Fully insured DHL express shipping label, back and forth, is 150 USD.
- Please contact us for further instructions.