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I don't know my ring size—what should I do?
a) The most accurate and reliable option in finding your correct ring size is to go to a professional jeweler or jewelry store and have them measure your finger. 
b) Another option is to order a plastic ring sizer from the internet. These ring sizers are reliable and offer an easy solution for anyone that can't go to a jeweler.
c) Measure the inside diameter of a ring you already have with a caliper. You are more than welcome to send us a photo with the caliper and the ring to make sure it's measured correctly. 

I only know my ring size in the local sizing system. Could you please help me convert it to the US ring size?
The rings featured on our website are in US sizes. You can use the Online International Ring Size Conversion Chart, or contact us and tell us the size you know, and we will gladly assist you in converting to the US sizing system.

There's one design I like very much, but the central diamond seems rather big/small. Can I order the same design but with a smaller/larger stone?
The center diamond in most of our designs can be replaced with a smaller or larger carat size.
Contact us and we'll quote you a price to suit your taste and budget.

What about a payment plan?
We are happy to accommodate! 
You can choose to pay in up to 5 installments.
Here's how it works:
1) Contact us by email and tell us the number of installments and time interval you want between them.
2) Based on your request, we will set up your payment plan, which will be sent to your email.
3) Once the first installment is paid, we will begin the work on your ring, and as soon as the ring is ready, we will ship it to you. 

I made several payments attempts with my credit card, but it won't go through - what should I do?

We're sorry to hear you are having trouble with the CC payment, but it is a very common issue with large transactions to a foreign country.
Here's what we recommend doing:
1) For Diners, Discover and American Express credit cards - please choose PayPal gateway to pay with these cards.
2) For Visa and MasterCard - we recommend contacting your credit card company ahead of time and informing them that you intend to make the transaction, and then (on the same day) place the order and make the payment.
3) We also accept payments via swift bank transfer - you're welcome to contact us for instructions.


I care about global issues, so I'm wondering-- where do your diamonds come from? 
We see eye-to-eye with you on this matter. Our diamonds are sourced from Canada, Russia and Africa. We make it a policy to use only conflict-free diamonds in all of our rings. In fact, Conflict Diamonds are illegal in Israel and aren't allowed to be imported here. That's why we work only with a reliable diamond suppliers that are members of the Israeli Diamond Exchange District.

Besides the description, I can't see a difference between rings made with 14K and 18K gold. Could you please explain the difference?
The difference is barely visible. It refers to the percentage of pure gold: 14K means the concentration of gold is smaller than in 18K. That's why 18K, which has a higher percentage of pure gold, is basically more expensive than 14K gold. When making your decision, you should also take into account that pure gold is relatively soft, so in a 14K gold piece, the metal is considered slightly stronger.

What does your white gold look like?

Here's an additional example for a design shown in 18k white gold: baguette engagement ring 

Can a design be ordered with gold fill/gold plating/silver?
All of our items are available only in solid gold and 

Can I send you a stone to be set in one of your rings?
We are unable to accept international customers' stones at this time. 

Can I buy just the ring setting so that I can use my own diamond?
Unfortunately, we are unable to oblige.  Only complete pieces are for sale.  

Can I send you a photo of a design I like and have you make it to order?
No, that would be unethical. A design is a product of creativity -- we don’t want to copy a design created by someone else, and we wouldn’t want anyone to copy our designs either.